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The Furnace

What does the furnace do? I must know
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how to defeat skeletor in icepole?

how to defeat skeletor in icepole?
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What is Skill book? How to use them??

Skill books (not the pet skills) are for players who level their skills to level 10 (like, Bash Lv10).
For higher levels (from Lv40), leveling your skills additionally require the use of Skill books.
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My pets are full? Can i sell pets? How to remove them?

Bottom right, click pets, scroll to the pet you dont want, click the free button.
Depending on the number of stars you get some rewards back.
1-2 stars: NUTHIN
3 Stars: 1/3 x Large EXP Pet Pots
4 Stars: Kindling/Spiritual Fruit/Spirit Crystal/???
5 Stars: 1 x Mystery Summon (Regardless of VIP)
Wait.. why are you releasing 5* pets? Sometimes you get extra pets. I have 3 archangels -.-
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FAQ Requests!

Hey guys, this being new, I'm collecting all your questions to be compiled in a huge FAQ.
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